My Ways of Spending More Time in the Studio

organizedI believe that every one of us knows pretty well whether or not we are organized. Personally, it is a struggle on my part to be organized. However, it was my girlfriend who taught me the connection between being organized and being productive.

Throughout the years, we have moved studio and office items around in order to possibly maximize functionality. However, it was not until I joined a seminar where I learned about the value of ergonomics. I thought this concept is not applicable to musicians like me, but trust me, it can be well applied to all aspects of our lives.

I believe that ergonomics help me spend more time in the studio, as it allows me to become more productive.

I would like to share with you the things that I learned.

Sorting Out Things

messyIn a studio environment, especially in one where most of the tenants are men, having a sorted out place is a rare thing to see. However, I learned from the seminar that sorting out of things is very important. This process means removing items that are no longer needed in the studio, giving priority and space to items which are useful. This includes documents, tools, as well as an accessory.

It also helped me manage studio space when I started ordering all of my things with the most frequency of use as the nearest. For instance, since we frequently receive calls, our phone is transferred at a spot that is easy to reach from our chairs.

Paying Attention to Ergonomics

ergonomic chair studioI must admit. I never thought that the selection of furniture in our recording studio is a very important factor to consider. I and my team only gave attention to the electronics equipment that we need to have. After all, most of our budget went to this equipment.

However, I was made aware, through the seminar, that even the furniture inside the recording studio plays a vital role in the productivity of the people working inside. In fact, they should not be neglected at all. With the right furniture in the studio, we have observed that we became ergonomically efficient.

chairsTrue, creating a decent studio may take a lot of effort and time. However, if you think of it, as a full-time musician, most of our time is spent inside our studio. I always said I didn’t mind sitting on a chair that is not ‘ergonomically’ designed, but recently, I realized that sitting down on comfortable ergonomics chair brings out the best in us. After all, there is a huge possibility that 90% of our time inside the studio is spent sitting at our desk.

For this reason, it would just make sense that most of the budget of any studio, or any office, for that matter, should go to the selection of an office chair where you would sit most often. Of course, you may still have to consider budget when selecting your office type chairs, but considering the impact on productivity that these chairs can give you, you know what to do.

Bottom Line

studioJust like other individuals who are pro-ergonomics, I believe that how a studio makes you feel has a bearing on our work efficiency. In fact, it has been proven a lot of times through various studies that office environments which send good vibes to the workers inside become more productive compared to those that are only equipped with monotonous interiors. My suggestion, therefore, is that while you are decorating your studio, it is often best to mix some themes that are included in your design. This will result in less distraction on your part.

Case in point, one day, my girlfriend bought a three pots of plants to our studio. She was telling us that our studio space was just so dull, with no life in it. I thought it would just be fine, but later on, my band mates admitted feeling more vibrant as they work inside the studio. As they take breaks, they either water the plants or even just looking at them gives a feeling of solitude. Adding some art will also make the studio more artistic, I believe, which is why I am planning to get one soon for our studio!