an update, 2/11/13


Here’s a pic of Anthony Gonzalez and I, on the Grammys red carpet yesterday.  That recognition by way of a nomination was a nice conclusion to a wonderfully intense and surprisingly successful album cycle for “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”.    Which, incidentally, started with an ambitious conversation between us way back in the summer of ’09.   We really had no idea how it would end up.    But judging by its relative success and resonance, as well as the great feedback we receive from people in terms of what it means to them subjectively, it’s something we’re so proud of.   Amazing to see how projects like this take life and meaning.    Now, we toast, we drink, have a hug and a high five. We’re both looking forward to whatever the next chapter may bring, both individually and together.

I’m in the studio right now with Crystal Fighters, helping to finish their record over the remainder of this month.    They are very interesting on several levels…there is no artist quite like them anywhere.

Otherwise, I have various irons in the fire including some continuing work with Beck, recording with my side project/band DNA, going on a driving trip, building legos with my daughter, and sitting in the sun on my patio.  Probably buying more gear, too.   And this summer: getting married.  :)

I feel pretty tired, but I feel even more lucky.



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