thank you

I Would Like to Say Thank You to My Girlfriend

thank you loverIf there is somebody I would really like to thank aside from my family, it is my girlfriend.

Babe, THANK YOU is not enough, I think.

You have been with me all the way, supported me through all my ups and downs. You are my pillar, my inspiration, my everything. I feel very motivated every time I see your smile urging me on…

thank youThrough the years of being a full-time musician, starting friendships with other people is not easy at all. I meet great people, beautiful girls everywhere. But it seems that for me, somebody I have always known has made me feel at home.

We met in high school, but we were not high school sweethearts. She was among the cool, intelligent girls at school, while I’m with, guess what? The GLEE Club. We knew each other, but it was only up to that. We were just classmates.

It was only a few years after graduation when we finally got to know each other better. It was during one of our gigs at Matt’s, and she was in the audience, with her friends. Apparently, she was in town for a short vacation. I barely noticed her, because aside from the fact that she changed a lot (more beautiful), I was busy with my music.

She was the one who recognized me. It turned out that she really enjoyed every performance by the GLEE Club back in high school. It started there. She came back to watch more gigs, and the rest is history.

Two years ago, my girlfriend decided to quit her work, and is doing some freelance jobs, giving her more time to spend with me. She lives in her own apartment, but whenever I am in town, she stays with me. At times, when both of our schedules allow, she would join the band during our tours and gigs. And I love it when that happens.

epilationWhenever I am on my free day, and she is in my place, she is usually the one who prepares my coffee. While I check my emails, she also does her stuff. We get crazy sometimes, too! I remember one time, I was observing her using her epilator, and suggested that I do it one time. The next week, she asked me if I can do it for her.

Man! I thought an epilator is just similar to men’s razor. It was not! Far away from it! You need to be delicate, consistent, and all other things in between. I gave up, and admitted that the reason why I wanted to try it myself was because I thought she was doing it wrong. It turned out that she was right, after all.

I was really curious about it! I asked her how she chose a quality epilator for herself. She was very excited while telling me what she knew, but most of what she said were blurry in my head. I remembered clearly, though, that she mentioned about the importance of the Tweezers.

She was like “Any girl should know that tweezers are very important in an epilator. They are the ones that actually remove the hairs. Epilators that are less expensive usually have about 20 tweezers, but it only means that the process consumes more time.”

tweezers“I got one with 72 tweezers, faster and more effective…” Wow, did she really count them all, I wonder! Well, that’s what makes her very attractive. She is girly, yes, but not the fragile type. She can even do some things better than I do. She is independent, smart, and I love her for that.

Personally, I would not say that I have the best girlfriend because any guy would be able to do that with ease. My girlfriend is someone I need, not because of the help she gives me, but because of the peace of mind, I feel whenever she’s near. I can even freely compose good songs with her inspiration. I can pretty much say that all of the things I am enjoying now would not be as enjoying without her.

For that, again, Babe, I love you so much and THANK YOU for all the support in all my endeavors