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My Passion: Playing the Bass Guitar Since I Was 13

bass guitarAnother instrument that I find interesting is the bass guitar. The passion for learning this instrument came after I felt that I was already confident with my playing of the acoustic guitar. Some of my friends were gifted enough to learn how to play the bass guitar directly, but in my case, I took the ‘traditional’ route.

These days, I find myself being asked for tips and suggestions that would benefit beginners in playing bass guitar. Of course, I could primarily speak from my experience, but being in company with other musicians have taught me more things. Here are some of them that I would like to share with you, in case you are wondering too:

  • acouisticAs mentioned, if you want to play the bass guitar well, it is highly recommended to be knowledgeable on how to play the standard, acoustic guitar first. This knowledge will serve as your guide when it comes to learning a new set of chords, as well as the rhythm of your guitar.
  • A bass guitar takes the role of holding music together. As such, it is very important to make sure that the bass guitar that you have is always on top condition. This can be done by tuning your guitar each time you use it.
  • Practice can make your skills perfect. As a matter of fact, even popular guitarists continue to practice in order to make sure that they do not commit a mistake while they are performing. In line with this, it is important that you have already mastered all the basics before you start out on some new techniques in playing.
  • Successful playing of your bass guitar depends on how well you really play the instrument, and not just on the number of styles that you know. Therefore, it would be too much if you overly focus on practicing new styles. In fact, I would personally suggest practicing your basic notes continuously, and do some chords switching along the way. As you continue practicing, you will learn to develop a dependable musical ear so that you can copy the songs you hear easily without depending on the chords.

Aside from these tips, getting a good bass guitar is also very crucial. Here are some suggestions I have when it comes to choosing a good bass guitar:

  • Do not invest on something huge now

If you are still a beginner, it is not recommended to spend too much on your guitar. In fact, all you need to do is to look for a good quality guitar which will allow you to learn more. Later on, if you have already mastered the tricks, you can upgrade to a more expensive one.

  • Consider comfort and playability

best bass guitarWhen choosing a good bass guitar, it is also important to think about comfort and playability. This means choosing one that feels very comfortable while playing it. The guitar needs to feel good as you hold it. It should also be very easy to play, and one that produces good sound.

  • Compare prices

typesI would never suggest getting the first acoustic guitar that you lay your eyes on. This is a common mistake by many. If you are really looking for the right one for you, price is a huge factor. It does not mean that the more money you spend, the better quality you can expect. As a matter of fact, you can get a high quality bass guitar without having to spend a lot of money. Compare prices from various shops, whether in an actual store, or online.

My passion in playing the bass guitar started when I was 13. I could definitely say that having a good bass guitar means a lot. I feel that my bass guitar is my partner. It took me about two months to decide which one to get, and have asked about ten people for suggestions. In the end, it was me who made the decision.

I did not regret spending time to do my own research. My bass guitar has been with me for several years now, and I completely love the way it feels in my hand.