A Musician’s Daily Routine: My 24 Hours

be a musicianPerhaps you are wondering what my life as a musician is. I believe that if you ask any other artist, they will give the same answer: my schedule is ever changing, at times good, most of the time overwhelming.

As a musician who has served as a full-time musician for several years now, I have already established my own routine, which may be different with that of the others. However, as I have mentioned, it is constantly changing depending on some outside factors.

I categorize my schedule depending on whether I have gigs or not.

When Not Out on Gigs

musician7:30 a.m.: On a typical day at home, I usually wake up around 7:30. A typical person that I am, I head to the bathroom, brush my teeth. And oh, I love my electric toothbrush. It allows me to think while brushing. I then head my way to making coffee, because my day cannot start without it. Then, I open my computer, checking my inbox. While the coffee is brewing, I make my bed, prepare my coffee, and sit down, browsing through my received messages. Every day, I get about 100 emails. Then, I begin replying to them. Usually, I do so depend on which one is the easiest to answer, and which ones are the hardest. I know, I know, it’s not the best strategy out there, but that is how I do it because it’s more productive for me, and I allow the coffee to sink in first before I work on the harder to answer ones.

11:00 a.m.: Since it’s a free day, I usually work out, lifting weights, running, and others.

1:00 p.m.: After work out, I come home, and work on some other projects I have. I am working with two interns from a local university, and today’s lesson is related to booking. I usually manage my own booking, but since I do not have enough time, I allow my assistant to do it.

2:30 p.m.: I usually have lunch at this time. By 3:00 p.m., I usually go back to my laptop, checking my emails, and see the replies of those I have communicated with earlier in the morning.

3:00 p.m. onwards: I do other things, taking my dog for a walk, working until about 1 in the morning, this time, focusing on the difficult emails, such as contracts and similar content. This is also the time when I do other social activities, such as dinner with friends, and others.

musician 2Now, a day at work, that is, when touring, doing gigs, and others can be very different from a typical day. This is because there are certain factors that enter the picture, such as the location of the gig (which is usually out of town), the time, and several others.

By the way, I collaborate with a band, though I also do solo gigs. The tours we have are usually for private events or as back-up to concerts of more famous bands, and others. They always ask me why we didn’t audition to enter the mainstream, but nah, I said, I’m happier this way. I am the type of person who likes having a life, helping others (through this blog), and enjoying music the way it is, not as a main source of stress.

My Daily Mantra

Aside from the things that I do at certain times of the day, I also have my personal mantra, that is, things that I condition myself to believe in throughout the day. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Get Inspired

As a love of music, I get inspired by music. As such, while brewing my coffee and checking out on my emails, I usually start my day with music that really inspires me. Trust me, I listen to a wide range of music varieties. One day I listen to Bach, the next day hard rock.

musician 3

  • Planning Out

I usually feel that my day is not productive whenever I fail to plan my day out. This especially applies when I am out for gigs and tours. True, others do the scheduling for me, but I plot everything in my head, to establish expectations.

Well, they say, the life of a musician is an exciting one, and I agree. Being able to do something that you love while earning at the same time is a rare commodity these days. I love what I do, and the thought of waking up every music-filled day is a blessing.