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How I Learned To Play Piano At Home

pianoI have always felt that my inclination towards music was brought about by the influence of my family. My mom plays the piano, which explains why I have also learned how to play the instrument. However, it was my grandmother who became my piano teacher. They even have a grand piano at my grandparents’ house.

I remember going to the house of my grandparents every weekend to have my piano lessons with my grandma. Looking back at those days, I never really thought of them as classes. In fact, the very first song I played was a ‘widowed’ one. I never started with learning the notes or getting myself familiar with the music sheet.

piano lessonLater on, my mother decided to buy a piano for me to practice with at home. However, she thought that having a grand piano would be too much for me as a starter. For that, they got me a digital piano. That piano is still with me until now, though it no longer plays the way I remember it to be.

But yes, that digital piano was a good starter at that point. I have noticed that these days, there are a lot of digital pianos that are available in the market. They come in different sizes and features state-of-the-art technology in music. Recently, we purchased a digital piano for a music school, and I have observed that modern digital pianos are a step higher than the one I used to own.

Are you planning to get one for yourself?

digital pianoI have gathered some useful tips on how to choose the best digital piano. You can use this guide in order to make a good decision before spending your money.

For one, keep in mind that purchasing a digital piano can be considered as a challenging attempt, especially if you do not have any background of it in the first place. If you are a beginner, one thing that you need to understand is that a digital piano is entirely different with an acoustic piano.

A digital piano is actually a ‘copy’, mimicking what an original, or acoustic piano should be. The difference, however, is that rather than hammers and strings, a digital piano uses sounds which have been ‘digitally sampled’. These sounds were used in order to imitate the original sound of a piano. These days, a lot of people prefer purchasing a digital piano because of its portability, low-maintenance, and other features.

digital piano 3

Now, let’s look into the features that you need to look for, as well as the things that you need to know.

  • A good digital piano is one in which the keys freely move beneath your fingers almost in the same way that the acoustic piano does.
  • At times, a digital piano may have a spring action that is damaged, which may impact the tone it produces. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring a set of headphones with you in order to check each key before purchasing a unit.
  • digital piano 2When I look for a digital piano, I do not just stay and focus on one brand. It would be helpful if you try different brands so that you can compare and select the one that sounds better. After all, it is not the price range or the brand that makes the digital piano a good one. It depends on you, whether or not you are comfortable with the sound of the piano selected.
  • Check the range of tone. Does it change as you turn the volume up? What happens when the volume is done? The tone of the digital piano need to be consistent regardless of the volume.

These are just among some of the things I usually look for when checking on the digital piano. If you are really a beginner, it would be helpful to bring someone knowledgeable with you as you shop for a digital piano.

You can also take advantage of the knowledgeable assistance of the piano sellers. It would also be best to check on the features of a particular model by searching online. In this way, you can compare before you make a decision.