eat healthy on the road

Eating Healthy On Tour

 eat healthy on the roadWhile on tour, performers and singers practically live on the road. Their whole day is spent on stage practicing and performing or in the trailers and busses. They really miss cooking and eating healthy food for two main reasons. The first one is having no time and the other is having no conditions for it. That’s why they rely on eating junk food. This leads to a whole list of problems.

Eating unhealthy causes serious diseases that might cause real trouble and damages to the body. Some of them can be so serious that if they are not treated can even lead to the worst possible outcome. Yes, death. That’s why it is very important for stars, singers, sportsmen, and other performers to stay healthy and have a balanced diet while on the road.

The question here is how? How to do this complex problem? There are several tips on how to stay healthy on the road when it comes to food. Let’s go over them one by one.

Drink a lot of water

benefits Drink a lot of waterWater is very important for digesting and for keeping the body functioning at its highest rate. Water takes care of the toxins and even if you eat unhealthy from time to time, water will fix it. Of course, you can’t eat fast food three times a day and drink water to cure the negative aspects, and expect a miracle. Water is not holy water. However, eating some chips here and there just to keep your hunger away, can be solved by drinking enough water.

Also, water will help you overcome tiredness, sleepiness, bad concentration, and physical exhaustion. The intake of water is very important for all these things. Eating healthy without any water won’t do anything, but also, drinking a lot of water and eating unhealthy will also produce only bad things for you. That’s why you must drink enough water and always stay well hydrated.

Choose the right fast food

When you’re on the road, you can expect a lot of pizza calls, fast food orders, and fried chicken meals. It’s okay, you can’t avoid fast food on tour, but remember that there’s fast food and really fast food. Even the most notorious fast food restaurants that are known for producing unhealthy food offer sandwiches and meals that are healthy enough for situations like this.

For example, you don’t have to order a sandwich with two burgers and three toppings with it. Go with a sandwich that has a lot of salads and is suitable for vegans. Vegetables are always better than fried meats and toppings that have lots of calories in them. Even the pizza can be healthier if you order the right choice. Try something with more vegetables but less meat and cheese. It will still be tasty and it won’t be a stomach killer.

Carry your own food

Usually, performers travel by busses that are small homes. They are equipped with small fridges and kitchens. This is a place where you can store your healthy food, but your bus is not always close enough so you can stay there and eat what you previously prepared.

The solution for this is having a collapsible cooler. These coolers are very convenient as they take no space and can be placed anywhere in the bus, yet you can use them to transport a lot of food to another place and keep it fresh for a long time. This means you can have your show and keep the food in the backstage for all that time while performing. After you’re done, you’ll have your ingredients cool and ready to be consumed.

Regular coolers don’t fit for these situations as they are bulkier and harder to transport. The collapsible cooler is easy to be stored anywhere and can be used whenever you need it. You can also keep the water there, and depending on the model, food for more than just one person. A collapsible cooler is definitely the best option for having healthy food on the road and eating healthy too.


As we can see, it’s not impossible to eat healthy on the road. You just need to make certain preps and watch what you eat. Have enough salads and lower the carbs while you don’t forget to drink enough water. If you manage to balance these important things then you can be sure that you’ll get by your tour without getting fat or sick.

Sometimes you won’t be able to find a store or a restaurant offering healthy food that perfect for your diet. Packing a cooler and having a fridge on your tour bus are lifesavers for situations like these. Make a good plan and stick to it. This is how you always stay healthy on tour.