About Me

My name is Justin. I live in Canada. I wanted to use another phrase to describe myself, but I couldn’t think of any, except the tagline ‘Music is my life’. Yes, everything that happens in my life has something to do with music.

Ever since I was a very young child, I have started learning how to play different musical instruments. Piano was my first, followed by several others as the years passed by. Back in high school, I started composing my own songs, using them as my piece every time there was a need for a musical number or presentation at school events.

I remember the look on my classmates’ face every time they hear a new composition. It was when they started asking for copies of my song when I realized that indeed, I was good at it. At this point, I think I have already composed over a hundred songs, though not all of them are well-thought. Some were just out of the blue compositions. Well, a composer’s life it is.

Recently, a friend introduced me to the world of music production. We started buying some equipment together, tinkering on them whenever I have extra time. I was also introduced to other producers in our locality, and unexpectedly became a part of their group. I started learning, and I just wanted to learn even more.

I finally decided to make my own blog – my space in the virtual world of the internet. I usually meet new people, and they ask me where they can reach me, and trust me, it feels so ‘ancient’ just handing them over a calling card that I printed myself. It seems that everything revolves online these days.

This blog will follow my passion towards music, with some updates about my gigs, equipment, and who knows, I might be posting my previous compositions as well! Also, I would like to make this blog useful to readers. As such, it will also be updated for any events that you might be interested in.

And oh, I can also give you a glimpse of my personal life aside from music. You can expect some tips on grooming, and how to have a healthy life style. This is something that I am eagerly working on these days. Like any other person who wants to live a happy life, I want everything to be balanced.

So, it’s like this. My life is centered on music, and all other things are revolving around it. I would like to personally share bits and pieces of my personal journey, hoping that you can also learn some things along the way.

If you have anything in mind, or some tips that you would like to share, please do not hesitate sharing your opinion. I would love hearing about them too! After all, I believe that life is better lived by sharing knowledge and experiences. Only then will we be able to learn from the lives of other people. This is what I want to achieve in this blog.